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Solid Oak or Solid and Veneer?

The myth exposed.

As bespoke cabinetmakers we use both sustainably sourced solid wood and good quality wood veneers. Highly skilled craftsman cabinetmakers have been using veneer in high quality furniture for hundreds of years and some of our best antique furniture contains high quality real wood veneers. The best trees are selected for the veneer industry and some patterns and effects can only be expressed with veneers for structural reasons and this helps sustainability as the best wood goes further using thin layers for extended appreciation of its beauty.

It’s time to look more closely at perpetrators of myths by companies like Oak Furnitureland, who have claimed that solid wood is superior, especially as we’re curious as to whether their inexpensive solid oak furniture is ethically produced.

Where is their oak sourced from in such high quantities and is this sustainable?

Here is a link from the WWF in October 2015 who had doubts as to the legitimacy of their sources of oak.

Where is it made? According to an interview which the Telegraph had with their founder, Jason Bannister, the company “commission it directly from factories in India, China and Vietnam, as it has from the outset”

We know that working conditions in those countries have been different from those in the UK.

At Bucks Eco Furniture all our furniture is made in Buckinghamshire, England.

If you can afford to, please purchase good quality locally made furniture which will last a lifetime, using sustainable materials.

Thank you for reading. May 1st 2016, updated November 5th 2017.