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Alan Cooper Cabinetmaker

“Fitting beautifully into your world”

Oak furniture made from sustainable forests

Eco to us means behaving ecologically and fitting into our world with a positive impact upon the environment. Our customers’ requirements need to be fully satisfied, both practically and beautifully and we do this while being mindful of the environment. Even recycling processes consume energy and resources, so we feel that furniture which is carefully designed and craftsman-made from carefully selected materials to last a life-time will best satisfy the needs of our planet. Our ability to design and craft excellent quality furniture for you comes from our experience and understanding of both traditional and modern design and manufacturing methods which we combine to make your life more wholesome and over the longer term, be least disruptive and provide lasting value.

We achieve this by:

1. Targeting locally. In most cases we work within a 30 mile radius of Aylesbury. This saves energy and supports our local community with a more convenient, productive and cost-effective service.

2. Using materials which are well-sourced and sustainable. As most materials we use are timber or wood-based products, we use suppliers who are FSC and PEFC certified, and unlike many of our competitors, try to use wood which has only travelled from Europe or sometimes North America, rather than further afield, like China. Timber often travels great distances several times through different processes but this does not seem to have a bearing upon the certification bodies, and we are concerned about the acidification of the oceans through pollution from excessive shipping. We make our eco carcasses from poplar-cored plywood with oak veneer faces or from birch plywood. Poplar from Italy and France is fast-grown on an approximate 10-year cycle, and absorbs far more carbon than slower-growing trees and likewise, releases increased amounts of oxygen. The parts of the tree that cannot be used for plywood are used for light-weight mdf and paper-pulp, and the trees have a positive effect to combat soil-erosion. The plywood is made in France. The European Oak we use is FSC certified, for its strength, longevity and popularity, but in line with diversity, you may like us to use other timbers where appropriate, like Beech or Ash for drawer-boxes which blends well, especially with hard-wax oil which we recommend for finishing. For painted furniture we normally use Poplar (Tulipwood)

3. Minimising waste by combining traditional methods with some modern organisational processes, to use more and waste less material and time. Most of our waste material is used to heat our workshop. We only use packaging materials if required and primarily deliver furniture using recycled protective mats which we use hundreds of times. Where we can’t re-use, we re-cycle wherever possible.

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